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Pre Check-In
Hotels can provide guests with top level customer service, while allowing them to skip the wait at their front desk
Hotel guests pre check-in to the hotel by simply inputing their personal details, preferences, and uploading their id directly through the app.  Guests save time and have a better arrival experience by no longer having to wait in line or fill-out paperwork upon arrival.  

Hotels no longer have to handle paperwork, input data into systems, or interpret guest handwriting scribbled on check-in cards.  In fact, hotels no longer have to print out check-in cards.  All guest details are neatly saved in KeyoPass Hotel Dashboard, so hotel managers can access guest info anytime, and right at their fingertips.
Customize Stay
Hotels can offer amenities or services to guests
pre-arrival, so that their hotel staff is properly prepared to make a guest’s stay truly amazing.  

Hotel Guests can customize their stay before they arrive at the hotel by simply selecting amenities or services that they would like waiting for them – upon their arrival.
Hotel Upgrades
Hotel’s can upsell room upgrades or other amenities and services to guests - directly through the app.  This is an efficient way for hotels to increase revenue from an incoming guest that has already booked a room.  

This is also an opportunity for a guest to easily access room upgrades without emailing the hotel or calling back and forth.
Hotel Chat
Hotels can chat in real-time with hotel guests to see if they need anything before they arrive.  

Hotel guests can chat with hotel staff before they get to the hotel to ask any questions, get directions, or make a request.
Hotel Arrival
When Hotel Guests arrive, the Front Desk Manager can recognize them by the ID they uploaded, hand them their room key, and they can enjoy their stay.  Hotels eliminate the need for hotel guests to wait in line, check-in, or fill-out paperwork. 

Further, hotel staff no longer has to print out arrival check-in forms or input data into their computers - all guest data is neatly stored online in their own KeyoPass Online Dashboard.
Hotel Guests simply type the in-room purchases they made during their stay, and use their finger to leave their signature in the app.  

The Hotel will instantly receive this guest information in their own KeyoPass Online Dashboard, and have the ability to check-out a guest from their hotel without having to bother them with extra signatures or paperwork.